Welcome to the Törnroth homepage

This is a portal for all willing who bear the name of Törnroth. (It's pronounced somewhat like "turn" + "root". Hear me pronounce it by downloading <a href='media/Tornroth.mp3'>Tornroth.mp3</a>.)

• It's a rare name indeed. At the time of writing (2011) there's only 45 of us in Finland, 83 in Sweden and afaik 2 families in the US.
• A truly splendid e-mail address that will never change.
• Your own homepage with an easy to remember address.

This is not a commercial project. The idea is to bring joy and benefit to us Törnroths as private persons. If you are a Törnroth, please feel free to contact me and I will tell you more. Your name on this page costs nothing and an e-mail forward is also free of charge.

With kind regards,
Björn Törnroth

Name CC E-mail Phone Home Page
Benjamin Törnroth FI +358-45-231 1118
Björn Törnroth FI bjorn +358-50-570 8282
Carita Törnroth FI carita +358-40-150 6555
Edwin Törnroth FI +358-45-231 1117
George G. Törnroth US george.g facebook/pop.tornroth
George J. Törnroth US/NJ george.j 201-725-5728
Gunnevi Törnroth FI
Ingemar Törnroth SV ingemar +46-141 70493
Johanna Törnroth FI +358-50-342 5819
Jurian Törnroth FI jurian +358-50-382 2259
Kajsa Törnroth FR kajsa +33-6 6444 0202
Margita Törnroth FI margita
Michael Törnroth US michael
Peter Törnroth FI peter +358-40-555 4301
+358-2-231 9359
Phill Törnroth US phill
Stella Törnroth FI stella +358-44-991 1359